Focus on your real work with the simplest digital workspace 

Workspace 365 for Construction is a complete and very simple adaptive workspace for mobile employees in the construction industry.

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Why the construction industry chooses Workspace 365


Edit and update projects and customers anywhere


Always accessible for authorised users


Task oriented workspace on any device


Safely share confidential information


Always real-time information

Construction is mobile…

…so a workspace should be too. Whether you’re in an office, in a workshop or at the construction site.

With the digital workspace for construction you always have one central location for all your documents, news and information with you.

You are always up to date on projects and customers and you can quickly edit information, without administrative hassle or paperwork.

Workspace 365 helps you to focus and stay organised. Work safely online from any device. 

Simplify Office 365

Open and edit documents through a simplified interface on SharePoint & OneDrive.

Faster access with SSO

All your applications in one clear overview and accessible after one login.

Information in one glance

Create an intranet with insights in e-mail, calendar, documents, news, statistics, applications and more.

Hybrid workspace

Combine cloud, online and on-premises services in one online workspace.


Integrate the fileserver

Bring fileserver and Office 365 documents together in one document app.


Safer access

Secure web- and Windows apps, intranet and the fileserver with multifactor authentication.

Role-based access to apps

Make web- and Windows applications available for groups and individuals in only a few clicks.

Existing systems

Link to current user-management systems. This way you implement the workspace in one day.

We continue to build together

Workspace 365 is constantly evolving; we keep listening to the desires, questions, needs and challenges organisations deal with, to continually improve the digital workspace for construction and adjust it to what your organisation and employees need.

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