How do you combine your existing IT services with Office 365? Companies are discovering that Office 365 is more than a replacement for Exchange servers and Office perpetual licenses, they discover the portal behind the fastest growing productivity suite. However, while implementing Office 365 you’ll see a gap between the existing Windows based world and the new browser based world. In this blog the gap is divided in two categories; the access to and/or migration of fileservers and accessing Legacy Windows based applications.

Is SharePoint online replacing the fileserver?

 As SharePoint online comes with most Office 365 business subscriptions it’s logical that every organization considers using it. Simply to the fact that the storage is already paid for. But adopting SharePoint seems to be a huge challenge for employees as they don’t recognize the layout. Next to this, what should you do with the existing fileserver as SharePoint online is the new location for all files? Migrating an Exchange server seems like an easy hurdle, but migrating fileservers to SharePoint tends to be more difficult, no judgment from my side, just a simple observation.

Simplify SharePoint and integrate the fileserver

 The past seven years our company, New Day at Work, focused on creating a browser based ‘desktop’. A critical part of our offering is the document management app. It is used by many companies to simplify and combine SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and the fileserver, all in a browser based document app. As a lot of organizations are starting to adapt Office 365 as a portal, we received a lot of requests to integrate our document app within Office 365. So we listened and are happy to introduce our document app within Office 365. This allows you to bring together your fileserver with SharePoint and OneDrive in an intuitive overview, while using the most powerful Office 365 features. This gives you more control on whether to migrate all your documents to SharePoint online.

Fileserver in Office 365

How do you access your remote apps in Office 365?

 The browser is the new application standard. Therefore, you should integrate the old standard within the new, and not the other way around *cough* hosted desktop on your tablet *cough*. If you don’t, employees have their Office 365 for all browser based apps, but are still forced to download a client and login again to access their Remote Desktop Apps. And it is not just you and me, nobody loves logging in to applications twenty times a day.

Clientless RDP or Citrix XenApp within Office 365

 Many companies asked us can we integrate your Clientless RDP within Office 365? Yes, you can. This will allow your employees to use RDP applications directly on any device within the browser. They don’t have to install a client or application on their tablet. They simply login to Office 365, after which they have single sign-on to the RDP applications. Additionally, when creating an intranet within SharePoint you can also create tiles doing the exact same thing as showed within the Office 365 app launcher. Seeing is believing: login to our demo of Office 365 showing the cool stuff.

Hosted desktop in Office 365

Bring Office 365 to the next level using Workspace 365

 Beyond these Office 365 plugins, our aim with Workspace 365 is to simplify work by providing easy access to all apps and by displaying relevant information. Our connection with the Azure AD provides a complete roll-based workspace using the Azure Active Directory. Short list of other important features and differences with Office 365:

  • Save to and open attachments from SharePoint using our mail app
  • Easily add shortcuts or live information as a user or admin
  • Easy and quick set-up, done within minutes

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