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12 June 2024

Maximise your Microsoft investment with Workspace 365

Kelly van der Horst

Many organisations use Microsoft 365's comprehensive suite of tools to optimise their processes in today's technology-driven era. However, integrating these powerful applications remains a challenge for many. Navigating between the various Microsoft tools can be confusing, resulting in businesses not fully leveraging their potential.

According to research, the typical employee wastes around 22 minutes per day, or over two weeks per year, dealing with IT issues. Workspace 365 offers the solution. With a user-centric digital workplace, we maximise the efficiency of your technology stack, enhance connectivity and boost employee productivity. We’ll explain how we can help your organisation to make the most out of your Microsoft 365 tools.

The power of Microsoft

Microsoft's offerings are highly functional, but also prioritise being easy to use across different applications. By focusing on cloud-based access and continuous improvements, Microsoft is able to meet the changing needs of modern workplaces. Microsoft's solutions have become widely used by organisations of all sizes and industries, showing their versatility and importance in boosting productivity. 

Amplifying Microsoft with Workspace 365

However, while Microsoft provides a comprehensive suite of tools, organisations often struggle to fully leverage their capabilities due to the complexities of integrating multiple applications and legacy systems. This is where a digital workplace solution like Workspace 365 comes into play. 

By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft's offerings, as well as legacy systems and cloud services, Workspace 365 consolidates everything an organisation needs into a single, unified platform.

The power of Workspace 365

A digital workplace like Workspace 365 not only integrates with Microsoft, it removes IT complexity, centralises access, streamlines workflows and enables real communication. It brings everything you need together in one place. With the digital workplace employees have a central location for accessing information, communication, digital tools, and enhanced collaboration capabilities.

By simplifying the IT for employees, we empower them to fully focus on doing what they do best – delivering exceptional work.

What is Workspace 365?

We bring you in one place what’s relevant to you, uniting all your applications, and information in one personalised digital workplace.


Optimise your Microsoft stack with Workspace 365

Workspace 365 is the key to fully leveraging all IT in the organisation, including Microsoft 365. With an intuitive interface, we help employees effortlessly navigate the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. By bringing together tools and applications and simplifying access, we offer a consistent, secure, and flexible all-in-one digital workplace.

Here are some ways Workspace 365 can help you make the most of Microsoft 365:

  1. Streamlined Document Management: Files often scatter across different platforms, both in the cloud with SharePoint, OneDrive, or Egnyte, and on the file server. This leads to reduced productivity and chaos in version control. We provide a centralised Document App that integrates all different Document Management systems and the file server. This ensures that everyone, wherever they are, has access to all documents and information, regardless of location, from one central place.

  2. Unified access to applications: Sometimes you need to be in Outlook, sometimes in SharePoint, and sometimes in Power BI. These tools are all different and have different layouts. Our digital workplace brings everything together, allowing employees to navigate easily and focus on their tasks without being overwhelmed by different applications.

  3. Easy adoption of new solutions: Microsoft regularly introduces new tools, but getting employees to adopt them alongside their existing applications can be challenging. Workspace 365 simplifies this process by seamlessly integrating new Microsoft tools into the digital workplace environment employees are already familiar with. This streamlined approach allows new tools to be easily incorporated into current workflows, resulting in higher user adoption rates.

  4. Information is one click away: Search through your entire digital workplace, including applications, files, announcements, documents, and more. Whether your data is in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, the file server, or your Document Management System, the Global Search allows you to find it all effortlessly.

  5. Stay connected and informed: The Activity Feed, powered by behavioural data, keeps your employees updated on team, project, and task activities. It's more than just a feed, it's personalised to the preferences of your employees and offers reminders, task updates, notifications, and suggestions.

  6. Personalised to each individual role: Every organisation and individual has unique working styles and requirements. That's why our platform is designed to be flexible and customisable, enabling you to create a digital workplace that caters to the specific needs of your teams. Whether your preference is for remote collaboration, on-site tasks, or a combination of both, our goal is to ensure that technology enhances and supports the way you work, rather than creating additional challenges.

  7. Seamless integrations with Microsoft and other tools: Workspace 365 combines the tools you love and hate, connected in one place. Easily connect all the Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint together with all the other technologies you and your teams need to do your best work.

  8. Enhance the Digital Employee Experience: Now that a lot of organisations have a significant number of remote or hybrid workers, it is essential to social engagement between teams. The Hub within Workspace 365 is the place where you can share important company information and increase the social interaction within your organisation.

Everything secured and personalised

Microsoft Entra ID (before Azure AD) is Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service for managing user identities and controlling access to resources. Workspace 365 utilises Entra ID's underlying technology while offering additional Conditional Access capabilities. This allows organisations to personalise access conditions based on devices, networks, browsers, and operating systems for each individual role, ensuring maximum security.

Whether it's restricting access from certain devices or allowing access only through approved networks or browsers, this feature gives you the flexibility to tailor access permissions according to your organisation's requirements. It allows your employees to only see what is accessible to them based on their entitlements, so can they really focus on their work, and improve their productivity.

The added value of a digital workplace on top of Microsoft

By integrating Workspace 365 with Microsoft 365, you unlock the full potential of your IT landscape. This integration goes beyond just Microsoft solutions; we bring everything relevant together in one place. The result? A digital work environment where employees have everything they need at their fingertips, allowing them unlock their ultimate work focus.

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