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Your entire digital workday in one interface with Micro Apps

Bring back focus to work – discover how you unite all your business processes, tasks and information in your digital workspace.

Micro Apps in Workspace 365


Unify important processes in one workspace


See or search for information and tasks inside your Micro Apps


Perform the most used processes with the click of a button

Integrate a business process

Bring business processes, like ticketing, schedules, leave requests, etc., to your digital workspace. Connect it to an out-of-the-box integration or use our APIs to develop your own Micro Apps.

Ticket process in Workspace 365
Workspace 365 voor informatiemanger

What is a Micro App?

Our definition of a Micro App is: an application that is focused on a specific task. The Micro Apps in Workspace 365 are linked to third-party applications.

We have Micro Apps that simplify Microsoft 365, CRM-, HRM- and ERP-systems, as well as vertical specific solutions.

Give your workforce the best digital experience by uniting all their applications in one easy-to-use digital workspace.

What is the power of Micro Apps?

People lose hours switching between applications, while software is developed to empower employees.

That is why we offer one platform that allows people to have the best parts of their entire software stack in one workspace.

One overview for everything they need throughout their day. All their important information, communication and applications.

Learn how you can save 60 minutes per day using Micro Apps.


Use Micro Apps wherever you need them

You can unite your applications, intranet and business process within Workspace 365.
Access it in your browser, on your smartphone or even within Microsoft Teams or your intranet.

Ticket process in Workspace 365

What Micro Apps are available?

You can visit the Workspace 365 App Store to find the Micro Apps and integrations that are available today. Note: You can also develop your own Micro Apps or use our APIs to integrate notifications from any application in the activity feed.

Can I request or vote on Micro Apps?

Yes, you can! We are known for our rapid development cycles and releases. That is why we would love to learn what Micro Apps you need, please vote, request or check our roadmap here.

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