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Discover how you simply connect documents, e-mails and processes and visualize them in one online workspace.

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Connect documents, e-mails and Micro Apps to each other

Besides making your applications available within Workspace 365, you can compliment them with Micro Apps. There are Micro Apps available for any business process, such as projects, customers, quotations, invoices, contracts, time registrations, days off, activities, requesting work attire, tickets, mileage registration, and much more. You can easily connect documents from Office 365, e-mail and several business processes to each other.

Custom Micro Apps

Do you have certain specifications to your projects? Or do you have specific activities? Let us know, so we can simply tailor the Micro App for you.

Integrate & simplify your software

By connecting with other software packages within your organisation, you make sure that everyone can easily find and enter information from any device.

Relevant data, direct insights

Visualize the data from your Micro Apps, so you are informed instantly. This way you can view the amount of open or completed tasks, sales goals, the current revenue and any other thing you could think of in your workspace. There are so many possibilities, our business experts will be happy to think along about visualizing data.

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