Updated on 11 August 2021

Do you also want to save 60 minutes per month per employee? With a single log-in, Workspace 365 gives you direct access to all your applications. But which technology do we use? This blog will give you more information about one of the integrations we use in Workspace 365, Okta. Find out what Okta is and what you can use it for.

Never in need of a password again

That sounds great, doesn’t it? Okta is a platform in the Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) category, which means that it gives you and your colleagues access to all other (company) software with one login.

Okta is available on your computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to access your applications anytime and anywhere. However, this must be done in a secure way, as controlling access to applications is important, especially in this age of digital transformation where more and more organisations are moving to a cloud solution.

Save time and work more efficiently

Okta mentions that by using their service, you log in up to 50% faster. Besides that, they ensure that at the help desk of your organisation, there is a 50% reduction in login-related questions. And last but not least, if you, as a company, decide to buy another company or merge with another company, the IT integration is up to 5 times faster. This saves both you and your organisation a lot of time, allowing you to focus on the more important things.

Is my data safe with Okta?

Nowadays, people often work on a laptop, at different places outside of the office, and check their email via their mobile phone. Due to all these developments, we need more than just a password. Okta also calls itself the modern version of Single Sign-On. To make the Single Sign-On as safe as possible, you can use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) from Okta. With this, you verify yourself not only with a password, but with a second factor of your choice.

For example, with a pin code that you receive on your mobile phone via SMS, with a fingerprint or a push notification via the Okta Verify app. Also, your information is protected by extensive security measures and controls that are checked by third parties.

In which industries is Okta most used?

Okta has users in many industries, from small businesses to companies with tens of thousands of employees. Okta is widely used in the education and health care industry, just as Workspace 365. Within the education industry, Okta helps educational institutions and thus students and employees around the world to work more efficiently.

Within health care, for example, patient data can be better protected with the use of Okta. Okta is also widely used in non-profit, financial services, travel and leisure industry, technology, energy, and the government. For all these industries, Okta offers applications that can be linked with Single Sign-On.

Do I have to use the Okta plug-in?

Not always. You only need the Okta plug-in if your admin has allowed apps to use Secure Web Authentication (SWA). If your company uses SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) apps, you do not need the Okta plug-in.

Workspace 365 and Okta

Within Workspace 365, we have integrated several Single Sign-On solutions, including Okta. In addition, we are constantly looking for new solutions to integrate. With Okta, you have the choice of more than 6,000 applications in a wide range of branches. New applications are added daily, of which they constantly monitor the status and maintain connections.

A health care institution with 3,000 employees can, for example, use Okta in combination with Workspace 365 because they want to organise their work more efficiently and safely. Okta is a good choice because they offer Single Sign-On to all applications. This saves a lot of time and gives access to all applications in the digital workspace with one login.

Here you will find more information about all applications supported by Okta with Single Sign-On

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