As a communication manager you are likely asked about your content calendar? When is the next webinar? On what date will you release the new whitepaper? What blogs can we expect this month? The bigger the organization you work in, the more people will need access to this information. That is why we also allow you to bring your content calendar to your digital workspace or intranet with Workspace 365.

Step 1: Selecting a content calendar tool

It’s good to make your own selection of tools, I would recommend to try Trello, Asana, Microsoft Planner and Using made me fall in love with the tool. Their user-experience is tremendous and they offer a vast amount of options. For me the primary reason to choose for our marketing team is that it allows you to build a gantt chart with tasks from different board. This also allows you to make a content calendar.

Step 2: Setting up a content calendar

The next step is to set up your content calendar. Of course, I could explain in detail how to do this, however, I would definitely recommend to read about content calendars in this course from Hubspot, the inbound marketing leaders. In this course you learn how to create a content creation framework and how to repurpose content. It will also teach you to think about content on a strategic level.

After setting up your content calendar you can simply add it to your content calendar tool, in our case we use

Step 3: Provide access to your content calendar for your colleagues

Last but not least, make sure that everybody who needs access, gets access to you content calendar. In our case it seemed most logical to add the content calendar to our digital workspace. To do this I took the following steps:

  1. Go to your content calendar in and open your timeline view and select Share.
    Content calendar in monday com
  2. Copy the embed code of the timeline
    Timeline view in monday com
  3. Log in as an admin or group owner to Workspace 365, open your App Store and create a new web content app:
    Web content in Workspace 365
  4. Select the Monday logo, give your app a name and paste the embed code. Hide the header and footer of the tile. Change the dimensions from pixels to 100% for the width and height. Select who has access and click ‘Save and back’.
    Add web content in Workspace 365
  5. In your top bar click on the dots and ‘Add app as tab’
    Add app as tab in Workspace 365
  6. Search and select your new content calendar and click Add
    Add application to your taskbar in Workspace 365
  7. And voila, you are done your content calendar is available in your digital workspace:

 Content calendar in Workspace 365 - your digital workspace

Why it is important to add your content calendar?

By adding your content calendar to your digital workspace, other leaders and team members get the freedom to share ideas on the topics. Furthermore, the larger your organization, the bigger the chance that people work on the same ideas. That is why you need a Content Master to keep track of the content calendar and to make sure people collaborate to create the best content possible.

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Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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