How can you access files on the fileserver using Office Web Apps? And how can you do this without upgrading your Microsoft 365 license? These are questions that many IT managers have and today we would like to help you answer these questions.

As you clicked on this article you probably still use the fileserver in your organisation. This might be because your organisation isn’t able to fully migrate to the cloud yet or because your IT department might think of the huge impact and risk that comes in order to transition to the cloud. But rest assured, there are plenty of IT service providers that are willing to help you achieve this. However, another solution is to unite all your document solutions in one interface.

But as we concluded you still need your fileserver, so let’s head on to the main subject: accessing fileserver files using Office Web Apps.

Why do you want to access fileserver files with Office Web Apps?  

Think about this question. What is your motive? Is it to save costs on Microsoft licenses or is it focused on increasing the accessibility on any device?  

Saving costs on Microsoft licenses

Previously we wrote an article about the benefits of using Microsoft’s online editors in your fileserver. It describes a case study in which front-line workers only had to access the fileserver to read meeting summaries. By enabling them to use the Office Web Apps they save 10 euros per users, per month on Microsoft licenses 

Improving productivity for front-line workers 

For those working as a front-line worker, often deskless workers, accessing files without much hassle is of great importance. The easier it is to access files, the more they will maintain their focus on core tasks. This can save up heaps of time and makes the work of deskless workers more efficient.  

To access fileserver files with Office Web Apps you need a ‘license check’ 

Organisations that use Workspace 365 are able to use the Office Web Apps in the fileserver as we have a build in license check. The Document App within Workspace 365 performs a validation check to validate if someone is allowed to use the editors for the fileserver.  

And we know that change can be quite scary, we get that, but nowadays keeping your files safe is more important than ever! And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Using the Document App will allow you to keep using the fileserver, but also allows you to show your files that are stored safely in the cloud. People can easily access OneDrive, SharePoint and your fileserver in one glance. The greatest part: on the technical side, nothing changes. Only the view is new, which makes is much easier to implement this! 

Fileserver files Blog

After you connected the fileserver to the Workspace 365 Document App people will be able to easily access documents. They can simply double click a document and it will open using either the Office Web App or Office local application.


Will people always open fileserver files using the Office Web Apps?

No, this depends on what options the admin enables. He can choose to grant access to both the local and online editors. Additionally, people will also be able to select their preferred Office application when more options are available.

FileServer Files Microsoft Online2

Learn more about Document Management  

Do you want to experience the Document App of Workspace 365? Try it now in a free public demo environment or see it in action on the Product Tour of the Document App. 

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