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One central location for all communication and information

News feeds from SharePoint and RSS

Within the workspace, you’re able to show public news feeds or internal news (e.g. using SharePoint) within a news tile. Using SharePoint as a publishing platform, you can target your news to specific groups. You can quickly create posts using a drag & drop builder.

Videos, podcasts and playlists

Publish your YouTube, Vimeo, Microsoft Stream, podcasts or other video content within Workspace 365. More and more organisations focus their content strategy on video and audio. That is why you can easily show your playlists within Workspace 365.

Statistics and graphs

Next to showing interesting (and fancy) graphs from Power BI, you are also able to add statistics from Tableau or other  programs. This keeps your managers and employees up-to-date on their key metrics. 

Teams chat: speed up communication 

Chat, call, share and collaborate. Using Teams in Workspace 365 you can quickly find the chat or documents you need.

Social feeds: collective brain

Using the social feeds, you stimulate collaboration and discover all the hidden knowledge in your organisation.

Contacts: find, call, mail or get directions to any contact

Quickly contact people through the sidebar. For this, we synchronise your personal contacts from your own personal Exchange and your global address list.

Contacts in Workspace 365

  • Quickly searchable and centrally available
  • Instantly call with your favourite application or mobile phone
  • Instantly send emails from the workspace
  • Quick insights into all personal data
  • Google Maps for navigation in one click


Announcements: communicate to everyone

With the announcement centre, you can target pop-ups and notifications to specific groups or individuals. Additionally, you can provide access to the announcement centre to e.g. a manager, team leader or the internal communication department, allowing them to share important news.

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