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Workspace Management made easy with Workspace 365

Any application, any device 

Within the workspace people only see applications that are relevant to them. They can launch their local, hosted and web applications with one click.

Use Workspace 365 as your application portal or integrate applications or application groups within your existing intranet or application portal. 

Workspace 365 three devices

Connect and improve your Group and User Management

Easily connect Workspace 365 to (Azure) Active Directory to keep all your user-management in one central tool. You can easily create and manage groups, push applications to groups or even send notifications to groups. Furthermore, you can choose to delegate Ownership of a group or application to help admins in creating a valuable workspace.

Application management for Admins

Set up a workspace in minutes. We aim to simplify work for people who manage the workspace. We enable you to create a role- and condition-based workspace that combines all your current and future technologies in one workspace.

To create a secure workspace, it is important to have control over your applications. That is why you can set maintenance windows or conditional access to your applications (described below).

Conditional Access to applications

With conditional access, you are able to set restrictions on reaching applications in the digital workspace. This way, you make sure that users can’t reach web (SaaS), Citrix, Clientless RDP and Azure applications from certain networks, browsers, operating systems or devices. You can even set conditional access on the use of Office local applications for file server documents.

Prevent people from, for example, opening a patient file outside of the company network or from opening an application that only works in Chrome using Internet Explorer and you can block sensitive information on mobile phones. Workspace 365 helps to better secure information and explains this to the people who need it.

Application requests in your workspace

You can enable the App Request flow. This will allow people from within your organisation to request applications from the Appstore.
When a user requests access to applications, the admin will be able to assign the rights in the tooling that they use and then they can decline or approve the request in the workspace to send a message to the requester.


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