Smart Working – Work From Home (WFH)

Smart working (or WFH) is a concept that is more and more popular in businesses.


How do you start Smart Working?

What are the characteristics of Smart Working?

What are the principles of Smart Working?


All these questions are often still unclear.

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What is Smart Working/Work from home?

In order to answer all of these questions, it is important to know what the meaning of Smart Working or Work From Home is. Smart Working means that people’s work becomes easier and more result-oriented, supported by good ICT solutions. There is no 9 to 5 mentality and the employers/employees can plan their own time and are not bound by location. So, there must be a digital workspace where everyone can access all applications and documents. In other words: Work from your browser on any device, your digital workspace is available at any place and at any time.

Would you like to know more about working from home? Here you can read six tips for working from home for communication managers.

Advantages of Smart Working/WFH

Smart Working advantages are: 

  • Being able to work anytime, anywhere
  • People can combine their private life and work life a lot better
  • People can arrange their own working hours
  • Employees are more productive, innovative and get more satisfaction from their work
  • Abstenteeiism decreases
  • Employers can save costs for office space and travel, which is good for sustainability
  • Smart Working is attractive for new employees and people with a work disability
  • It is the way of working of the future
Workspace 365 digital employee experience

Workspace of the future

In order to apply Smart Working within your company, the employees must be the focus, not the organisation. It is possible for any type of organisation to apply Smart Working.

The next generation demands flexibility; it is attractive for new employees if a company applies Smart Working. Good ICT solutions are needed to get started with Smart Working. The workspace must be designed in such a way, that every employee can work at any time, at any place. So there must be a digital environment that is user-friendly and where all documents and applications come together. Workspace 365 brings all your applications and documents together in one digital workspace and makes Smart Working possible for companies.

Elevate your intranet NL Workspace 365

Whitepaper: Elevate your intranet – Unite Communication & IT

Over the last decade many organisations implemented intranets. Some thrived, while others lacked visitors and engagement. While some intranets continuously improve others remain static and don’t improve employee satisfaction.

At the same time the IT-departments worked on major transformations in the traditional desktop space. Starting with the rise of remote and virtual desktops in 2000, to moving to digital workspaces from 2019.

Combined with the global pandemic and the urge to work remotely, IT was forced to facilitate remote working on a huge scale.

Role-based access to apps

Make web- and Windows applications available for groups and individuals in only a few clicks.

Faster access SSO

All of your applications in one clear overview and accessible after one login.

Information in one glance

Create an intranet with insights in e-mail, calendar, documents, news, statistics, applications and more.

Hybrid workspace

Combine cloud, online and on-premises services in one online workspace.

Simplify Office 365

Open and edit documents through a simplified interface on SharePoint & OneDrive.


Integrate the fileserver

Bring fileserver and Office 365 documents together in one document app.


Safer access

Secure web- and Windows apps, intranet and the fileserver with multifactor authentication.

Existing systems

Link to current user-management systems. This way you implement the workspace in one day.

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