It’s that time of year again! The time to reflect, to look back, but mostly: the time to make lists. And we’re not talking wish lists here. Here we’ve gathered the 10 most popular blogs of 2019. Curious? Let’s take a look!

Why should I combine SharePoint, OneDrive and the file server?

A frequently asked question with multiple answers, because we can think of several reasons why you should combine SharePoint, OneDrive and your file server in one simple Document App in your adaptive workspace. For instance, as you can probably imagine, keeping files in three different places is not very convenient. Curious about the other reasons? Check out the blog!


Complete guide to HelloID: SSO, IAM, IdP and more

Workspace 365 HelloID tools4ever

This year, we were proud to announce the integration with HelloID by Tools4ever. This added possibilities to the workspace for, among other things, managing people’s identity and access, getting extensive data reports and service automation. Since HelloID offers many different functionalities, which you can now benefit from in Workspace 365, Georgien Modijefsky wrote a complete guide on HelloID to get you started.

Windows Virtual Desktop as your new workspace? NopeMove workspace from RDS to Windows Virtual Desktop WVD - ugly monkey

Since Microsoft released their new Windows Virtual Desktop, many people are getting excited about moving their entire Remote Desktop and WVD to it and to start using it as their new workspace. But is that excitement appropriate? Is Windows Virtual Desktop really the best for them as their new workspace environment? A topic Mark Grasmayer discusses in this blog.

Do we still need Citrix?

Citrix at Microsoft Ignite

With the immense shift to cloud-based applications happening and alternatives to virtual desktops that are improving every day, many people are wondering if they still need Citrix. Remarkable, since about 80% of our partners offer Citrix besides Workspace 365. Why? And the big answer to the question: do you actually still need Citrix? Find out!

Microsoft Teams as a starting point

Microsoft Teams in Workspace 365

Is the powerful collaboration hub, known as Microsoft Teams, enough for you to do your work? Could it be the central starting point of your day? Maybe, maybe not. In this blog, we’ll discuss the power and functionalities of Microsoft Teams and how you can make it even more powerful by integrating it into your adaptive workspace.

A guide to printing in the cloud

When software changes, the use of hardware will unavoidably change with it. So, when using these new cloud and hybrid workspaces and solutions, how do you manage printing? One very practical question. Success Maker Laurens Holtkamp explains it all in this blog.

How to find the SharePoint RSS feed URL

Workspace 365 is constantly creating and integrating more intranet features, to allow you to combine the social aspects of work with every other. One of those features, is the SharePoint RSS tile, in which you can share company news. Adding an RSS feed is easy, though sometimes it can be challenging to find the RSS URL in SharePoint. That’s why we’ve given you a few simple steps to find it.

Which Single Sign-On (SSO) methods offer access to applications within your digital workspace?

Single Sign-On: a simple concept with a simple function. You login once, and immediately access your applications with one single click, without having to login again. It’s just that easy in Workspace 365, though behind the scenes, you can choose how – or through which service – you want your SSO to work. Therefore, we’ve listed which methods you can choose from, and what they mean.

Social Intranet versus Digital Workspace: why choose?

intranet digital adaptive workspace 365

“No man is an island”, and that goes for the digital workspace world too. Generally, your colleagues are a part of your work too, so why shouldn’t they be part of your digital workspace? In this blog, we look at social intranet versus digital workspace and why you should not use one or the other, or both for that matter. The alternative? An adaptive workspace, which unites the best of each.

What is Okta and what do you use it for?

Another integration we made this year which we’re very proud of, is the one with Okta. Of course, this called for a proper introduction of Okta and their services. So, we made one! In this blog, we’ll tell you what you can do with Okta in the adaptive workspace and answer several frequently asked questions about the company and functionalities.

So, these were the 10 most popular blogs of 2019. What would you like to read in 2020? Any questions or topics in mind? Let us know!



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