We have another great update with features that further simplify the work of healthcare employees and admins, among others. For one, we have a new Vilans KICK Micro App for healthcare protocols, admins get more insight in and control with permissions on personal spaces, you can work with the Email live tile and Windows Virtual Desktop more easily, and you can view your web content in a larger view on an entire page. Keep reading to discover more on this update!

Vilans KICK Micro App

Healthcare employees deal with hundreds of protocols. To save healthcare employees time and make sure they can quickly and easily find, open and view protocols, we proudly introduce a Micro App for Vilans KICK.

In this Micro App, you effortlessly search through all KICK protocols with the search function, and open the protocol you need with one click. This way, you can find the information you’re looking for in no time and you’re able to continue your work.

Vilans KICK micro app workspace 365

What is Vilans KICK?

Vilans is a Dutch national knowledge organisation for long-term care. KICK stands for (translated) Knowledge and Information Centre KITTZ (Quality Institute for Applied Home Care Innovation).

Vilans saves organisations time and manpower by making and maintaining over 500 protocols for restricted, hazardous and other practices. It also gives organisations a change to collaborate with others on developing protocols.

With these protocols, healthcare organisations and employees have one standard and can deliver consistent care according to the same norm.

Permissions on shared spaces

With this update, it becomes possible for admins to set permissions on shared spaces. This gives admins more control over who has access to these spaces, which results in both more overview and more security.

permissions shared spaces workspace 365

This function is a step higher in the permissions hierarchy. Before, a person could only see a shared space if he or she had access to a shared group within that space. Now, an admin can choose to deny access to a shared space, even if the person in question has access to shared tile groups within this space. This also means that when someone has permissions to a shared space, but not any tile groups in it, they’ll see an empty space.

This way, managing the spaces becomes more organised and clear. Admins have an instant overview of who has access to the shared spaces, without having to check each shared tile group.

Web content pages

Clearly view your web content in a larger format! From this update forward, when you open your web content, it will appear on a complete page within the workspace. This way, you can view your content more easily.

web content pages workspace 365

This functionality is a pathway to making integrating content, pages and web apps in your workspace even easier. Soon, it will become possible to add these entire pages as spaces to your workspace, which adds even more potential to the already endless integration possibilities of web content.

You could for instance add the Document App or Email App as a tab, or (SharePoint) intranet pages; as long as the website in question allows it, you will soon be able to add it as a space to your adaptive workspace. This enables you to have all your information and applications even more centrally within one workspace and execute your tasks, without having to leave your workspace to do so. This is especially useful when Workspace 365 is used in kiosk mode, with which the workspace takes up the entire screen and people can’t (easily) switch with external applications and other browser tabs.

Support Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Windows Virtual Desktop

As a Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop partner, Workspace 365 introduces support for the new Windows Virtual Desktop client, with which opening Windows Virtual Desktop applications and the use of Single Sign-On are simplified.

Before, when you clicked on a Windows Virtual Desktop App, an .rdp file was downloaded which you had to open and for which files needed to be added to the computer. The new client can instantly open .rdpw files, so you can immediately get started with your Windows Virtual Desktop applications.

You can set up the use of the new Windows Virtual Desktop client in your Windows Virtual Desktop app settings.

Instantly open the correct mailbox in the Email App

Work with your Email live tile more efficiently! Within the Email live tile, you can choose which mailboxes you want to see on your dashboard. With this update, you instantly navigate from the live tile to the corresponding mailbox in your Email App. This also goes for when you open an email from the live tile: the email is immediately opened and in the sidebar of the Email App, the correct folder appears.

What else is new?

And that’s it for this update! You can check out all fixes and technical items in the Announcements on our Support Portal.

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Ps. Don’t see the update yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider. 

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