Switch less between applications with VMware Horizon in your digital workspace

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    VMware Horizon - Single Sign-On

    Use Single Sign-On for all applications

    VMware Horizon - Landingspagina- Conditional Access

    Use Conditional Access for specific features

    VMware Horizon - Portal

    More than an application

    Easily open your VMware Horizon desktop and applications from your Workspace 365 workspace with Single Sign-On 

    More often we see organisations use a SaaS first strategy. To support employees who use VMware Horizon and Workspace 365 in their day-to-day work, we integrated VMware Horizon in the workspace. This way, you have the power of your VMware Horizon desktops and applications directly available within Workspace 365.  

    Have a clear overview of all the applications you use during the day, complemented with intuitive shortcuts to VMware desktops and applications. Login once via Single Sign-On and you’re ready to go!  

    You’ll now save more time without having to constantly switch between applications. Time that you can now spend on more important tasks.

    VMware in the workspace
    VMware Horizon - Conditional Access

    Secure VMware Horizon apps with Conditional Access

    As an admin, quickly set up your Conditional Access in the workspace and determine what applications will be available for all users. Choose to make them inaccessible or hide applications. Easy as that! 

    You will have various options for setting up your Conditional Access, such as: 

    • Devices 
    • Operating Systems 
    • Browsers
    • IP ranges

    Why you should use Workspace 365 in your daily work routines

    Everyone gets a role-based workspace when using Workspace 365. That way you will have all applications visible in one go. Have control over what applications, documents and information your users have permission for.  

    Once this is all setup, everyone in your organisation will be able to use their personalised, digital workspace throughout their day. 

    Not only will they be able to use applications for their tasks, they’ll also be more invested in the organisation with our social intranet functionalities, such as the Announcement Centre, Yammer integration and birthday live-tile. All integrated with our intuitive Activity Feed to make sure you will always be up-to-date on tasks, meetings, news and much more! 

    We bring everything together in one central location. For you to have more time for the tasks you signed up for and for us to make lives easier for those who make the difference!  

    VMware Horizon - Social Intranet