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Simplify work, combine everything you need in one digital workspace


Personalised applications, news, documents, social feeds and information based on your role


One log-in for all your applications (Web, Windows, Hosted, Citrix)


All your documents from Office 365, SharePoint and file servers in an easy to use overview, on any device


Secure everything you need to work with conditional access

Why Workspace 365?

Workspace 365 brings together everything you need. This allows you to work from your browser on any device, at home, in the office or wherever you are. With Workspace 365 you can reach your local, web and Windows applications with just one click from one digital workspace.

People who use the workspace don’t have to install anything themselves. They instantly get access to the applications, documents, information and news that’s relevant to them. Within just a few clicks you can add a new app or news source for a group or individual.

What techniques does it use?

Our goal is to hide technology for people. The people who use the workspace don’t have to log in to a hosted desktop, they just simply open applications with one click.

You can add hosted applications with Single Sign-On to your workspace using Citrix XenApp or our Clientless RDP. Next to this you can find documents on how to add local apps to the workspace on our support portal:

Some of the techniques we integrate:
(Azure) Active Directory
Citrix Workspace (XenApp)
Clientless RDP
Fileserver(s) (for instance. WebDav, Nomadesk, NextCloud)
Office 365 (SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange) both cloud, hosted and on-premises versions
iFrames (object-based tile)

For more information on technique, visit:

Bring data to people

Show information from applications directly in Workspace 365. All your unread e-mails, appointments, recently edited documents and more at a glance.

Workspace 365 live tiles

One password for everything

One access code for everything

Log in once to your web- and hosted applications

Single Sign-On makes it possible to reach both web- and Windows* applications with just one click, without having to log in seperately for each application.

Subsequently, you can give temporary employees a workspace and afterwards you can deny them all access by deactivating the workspace.

What techniques does it use?

For Single Sign-On to web apps we use Windows Azure or our own Single Sign-On technique. This way we use the security from Microsoft and all data is stored safely. *Windows applications will be available with Single Sing-On when using Workspace 365 Hybrid, combined with Citrix XenApp or our Clientless RDP.

Simplify your Document management

Bring all documents together in one online workspace. This way you work on- and offline from any device. the document app combines and brings structure to Office 365, the fileserver, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Documents in Workspace 365

Workspace 365 | Hybrid

The hosted desktop & file server in one online workspace

Many companies want to transition to Office 365, but still have to deal with legacy (Windows) applications & fileservers. Bring them together into one online workspace, so you can simply access to local, web and Windows applications, the file server and cloud document solutions.

Workspace 365 | Ultimate

Business apps in Workspace 365

Easy information input with Business Apps

With Workspace 365 Business Apps you simplify and automate business processes. All data is organised, so you can quickly find (company) information. For instance, you can quickly log projects or activities. It’s also possible to export an offer or invoice in a template with just one click.

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