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Make document management easy with a DMS

Do you want your documents to always be available and increase the acceptance of Office 365? Transform SharePoint, OneDrive & the file server into a user-friendly document management system in just a few clicks.

What is a document management system

A document management system (abbreviated as DMS) ensures that your document flow is efficient and organized. Instead of separate document systems such as the network drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, documents in Microsoft Teams and other separate storage locations, Workspace 365 displays everything within one document app. A DMS means that all documents are available centrally.

With the DMS of Workspace 365, all your documents are also available on every device. This allows you to search, edit and share documents from a mobile, tablet or desktop. Within the document management system, we use the underlying storage (for example the network drive and Office 365) while all document solutions get an equal representation for the workers.

Available on any device

Within our DMS, the powerful Office 365 functionalities are simplified, so you can work easier:

  • Work both online and locally with Office Apps 
  • Create and manage folders 
  • Synchronize documents to any device 
  • Collaborate in one document, with one version 

Experience the ease and try a free demo

One DMS for all your document management issues

The transition from a file server to the DMS within Office 365 is big. Through our intuitive user interface over SharePoint, OneDrive & the file server, people can use their documents online without any training. This means that everyone uses one document management solution. The document management software of Workspace 365 is available in multiple languages so that international companies can use it. Try the Workspace 365 document management system for free. 

Integrate with Office 365 or offer it as a new app

The Workspace 365 DMS is easy to integrate into Office 365, but can of course also be offered within Workspace 365. This way you use existing investments and you can get to work quickly with a user-friendly document management system.

Work with online of local Office apps

Office 365 steers towards the online Office apps. We understand that you also want to use the local Office apps.

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