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Enable the new, bring your Remote Apps to any device

Workspace 365 brings together web & legacy applications using role-based access. Simplify Office 365 and create a workspace for any device.

Clientless RDP simplifies access to new and old applications

Users have access to web and Windows applications with one click, without having to download anything or login again. With Single Sign-On you don’t have to worry about password management anymore.

Our Clientless RDP streams your Windows applications in the browser. Already have a Citrix XenApp environment? These applications can also be accessed with one login through Workspace 365.

New and old applications in one workspace

Many companies move to Office 365, but still need legacy applications & file servers. Bundle these in one hybrid workspace, so that your customer can easily access local-, web- or Windows applications, their file server and cloud document solution.

Simplify access to old and new applications with SSO

Users reach web- and Windows applications* within one click, without having to log in to each application. With single sign-on you don’t have to worry about password management.

*Using Azure Active Directory for web apps & our Clientless RDP for hosted Windows applications. Availability depends on the application & device.

Integrate Windows Virtual Desktop in your workspace 

You can integrate your current desktop solutions (e.g. RDP, Citrix, Windows Virtual Desktop and legacy applications) and migrate them to one and another while maintaining the same user-experience. 

So how does WVD work in Workspace 365? It’s simple. Admins make the Windows Virtual Desktop applications available to people based on their permissions. The admin can then add the WVD application to a shared application group or allow people with permissions to add it to their personal workspace. When the WVD application is visible in Workspace 365 people can click on it, and open it from their workspace without any additional sign-in.

Your services, in your workspace, hosted where you want

Easily set up workspaces for customers within minutes. You can choose where you wish to host the fully customizable hybrid workspace.

Discover the hybrid Workspace 365

  • Bring together web & legacy applications
  • Simplify access to old applications
  • Integrate the old file server with Office 365 in one simple document app
  • Only one login with Single Sign-On

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