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Log in only once to each application using Single Sign-On (SSO)

By using Single Sign-On in Workspace 365, people can access applications with one click on the button after logging into the workspace. People no longer have to remember a unique password for each application and everything is available securely from a digital workspace. Because Workspace 365 is independent, you can use various single sign-on providers such as Azure, Okta, HelloID and more.


Save time by logging in at once to all your applications


Secure your employees with one safe password for all of your applications


Single Sign-On to apps that are not available in the Azure Marketplace (AFAS, TOPdesk, Surfnet and more)


As an integrator we can provide you the best and most complete SSO experience

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How does Single Sign-On work?

By using Single Sign-On you can save up to 24 hours a year per person. Single Sign-On works on many different ways, in this article we go into the basics of how Single Sign-On works. For people who use the workspace, it comes down to logging in at the digital workspace with one password, optionally with an additional authentication option via an SMS, app or token. By signing in at the workspace, a signal is sent on the background to the identity provider(s) where the user passwords and rights are stored to check whether the person may open the workspace. When someone clicks on an application, you are immediately redirected to the application or there will be an additional check on the background to verify if someone has rights to open the application.

In addition to Single Sign-On for web applications, it is also possible to open remote desktop applications with one click. This allows someone to open a remote desktop application (for example Citrix, Windows Virtual Desktop or Clientless RDP) without having to log in again.


Integrate and improve the strongest technologies for Single Sign-On

Web Applications

To realize Single Sign-On to web applications, we use Azure, Okta or our own Single-Sign On connection to applications like Topdesk and more. Within the Azure Marketplace there are thousands of applications available.

Remote Desktop / Windows applications

Not all applications are available as web applications. Therefore, we offer an equal login experience to remote desktop applications through our Clientless RDP or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (previously XenApp).

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