Microsoft Forms is a Microsoft tool with which you can easily create questionnaires, quizzes and polls. After collecting the answers, you can analyse the data in Excel, visualise it in Power BI or export it to analyse the data in another tool. The forms in Microsoft Forms are easily integrated into an intranet or your digital workspace, Workspace 365.

Examples of Microsoft Forms in your digital workspace

With Microsoft Forms, you have the ability to automate processes in a very simple way. Due to the straightforwardness, an HR manager, communication manager, team leader or IT manager can create a form and promote it through the digital workspace. Below, you’ll find two examples of Microsoft Forms in your workspace:

1. Employee satisfaction survey

Within the workspace, you can integrate a survey to discover how your employees value your organisation. Besides researching the NPS score, you can also ask open questions to discover new ideas on improving your organisation.

2. Examining needs within the organisation

Before you acquire new software, it is important to do a sufficient inquiry within your organisation. Do the employees even need new software? What elements should definitely be included in the new software?

3. Evaluation form new software/devices/digital workspace/intranet

Even after acquiring new software, such as a digital workspace of intranet, it’s important to monitor the use of it. By integrating a form into the digital workspace, you quickly collect information on the use of the digital workspace.

Evaluation form with Microsoft Forms for digital workspaces

One of the steps of our own adoption program (Embracing Workspace) is the evaluation of the digital workspace, Workspace 365. After implementing the workspace, it’s vital to investigate if there are any processes that need to be added to the workspace. During this evaluation, there are a few important questions we ask:

  • What do you like about the new workspace?
  • Does the new workspace save you time on your daily tasks?
  • Do you have any tips or are you missing anything in the new workspace?

Integrate Microsoft Forms in your digital workspace

Within Workspace 365, you can easily integrate Microsoft Forms in your digital workspace. In just a few steps, you can add a form to your workspace.

Step 1: Create a form in Microsoft Forms

Step 2: Click ‘Share’ and ‘Embed’

Embed Microsoft Forms in web part iframe

Step 3: Click ‘Copy’ and open your digital workspace, Workspace 365

Step 4: Open the Workspace 365 ‘App Store’

Workspace 365 app store

Step 5: Create a new ‘Web content’ application

Create web content workspace 365 app store

Step 6: Enter the name of the form and paste the Microsoft Forms code

Step 7: Change the numbers (here marked in yellow) to 100% width and height

New web content app Workspace 365

Step 8: Hide the live tile header and footer

Step 9: Determine who has access to the application in ‘Who has access’ and click ‘Save and back’

Step 10: Close the App Store and click ‘Add tiles’

Add new tile to workspace 365

Step 11: Search for your new tile name and click ‘Add tile’

Step 12: Change the tile size to 8×8 and click ‘Save’ in the action bar

Change tile size in workspace 365

Voilà, you have now added a form to Workspace 365!

Microsoft Forms in Workspace 365 integration

More integrations in your digital workspace

Besides Microsoft Forms, you can integrate many other applications with the web content tile. Also, Workspace 365 is constantly looking for new integrations for the digital workspace. Would you like to request an integration? Then please submit it on our Feature Request page or vote on other features.

Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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